The Injury Atlas of Victoria is an interactive online tool that enable stakeholders to explore and learn more about the public health burden associated with hospital-treated unintentional injuries in Victoria.

The Injury Atlas of Victoria allows to explore overall hospital-treated unintentional injuries and hospital-treated sports injuries in unintentional and sport injury atlas respectively.

To open unintentional or sport injury atlas:

  • click on the Injury Atlas in top right and click the respective link or
  • click the respective Find out more button on slider or
  • click the Injury Atlas Unintentional or Sport Injury Atlas boxes in the home page

Once injury atlas app is launched, a map showing the overall unintentional/sport injury rate per 100,000 population for the year 2006-2016 by local government areas of Victoria is displayed.

Injury atlas options:

Options in LGA (map) view: Options in state-wide (VIC) view: